Sharing A 504 Plan for September, 2001

The big thing is, --------- is going to get a weekly social skills group again, like we had last year. And he'll get a daily check-in with the  intervention specialist (psychologist/guidance counselor for special ed  students). There will also be a modification of the way classroom and  schoolwide discipline is applied -- if he gets in trouble  for anything,  *before* any kind of discipline is applied, the situation will be referred  to the intervention specialist, so she can determine whether he understood the situation correctly. If he did, regular disciplinary procedures will apply. If not, the intervention specialist will work with him on it, but there won't be any other consequences. That will all happen during the daily check-in. 

He'll get notetaking assistance and written backup -- I'm still not sure exactly how that is provided (I'm supposed to get some clarification from the intervention specialist), but since ---------------'s handwriting is so slow, that will make a big difference. He's to get preferential seating (front corner, or other position that minimizes visual distraction). He's to be allowed to type, or to use some other alternative to handwritten assignments. Since he doesn't want to use his move-n-sit cushion next year, an OT is to provide consultation to come up with techniques to reduce restlessness.

This year's teacher thinks that, since he'll be changing classes, the restlessness may not be as much of a problem as it has been in elementary school, but we'll see. Teachers are to provide short, concrete, explicit directions. This one, I sort of go, "yeah, right." I don't expect the teachers will really change the way they give instructions to accommodate ----------, but perhaps I'm overly pessimistic here.

The plan also calls for environmental modifications to reduce auditory or visual stimuli, if necessary, assistance with his assignment notebook, and a duplicate set of textbooks to keep at home.

I know getting the right plan on paper isn't enough. There will be lots of follow-up next year to make sure we actually get it. But hey -- getting it is a start!