Book Reviews

1. I Shouldn't Have To Tell You!** A Guide to Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disorders (**Now titled The Source For Nonverbal Learning Disorders) by Sue Thompson, M.A.,C.E.T. - A Book Review by Theresa D. Fellmann 
2. The Right Brain by Robert Ornstein. -  A Book Review by Judy Lewis
3. Star-Shaped Pegs Square Holes - Nonverbal Learning Disorders and the Growing Up Years by Kathy Allen M.A.- A Book Review by Dawn and Rich Ford
4. The Shadow Syndromes by John Ratey - A Book Review by Jane Brody
5. The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene Ph.d
A book review by Jamie Paige
6. New Game Helps Children Feel Less Anxious  About Y2K by Rondalyn V. Whitney
7. Growing Up With NLD by Deborah Green  A book review by Kelli Bond
8.   Worrying by Ned Hallowell
9.  Raising A Thinking Child:  Help Your Young Child to Resolve Everyday Conflicts and Get Along With Others:  The "I Can Problem Solve" Program by Myrna B. Shure, PhD - A Book Review by Cindy Kranz of The Cincinnati Enquirer


10.  The Spencer Girls by Kathy Green  A book review by Deborah Muldawer
11.  Never Be Lied To Again  by David J. Lieberman A book review by Kelli Bond