Another IEP/504 Plan That Is Working

Today we had our meeting to discuss Heather's eligibility for an iep or 504 plan. Present at the meeting were the director of special ed, the school psychologist, the middle school social worker, the elementary school social worker (our advocate), the resource teacher (who gave her the Key math test and the WIAT achievement tests), her English teacher, my husband and myself.

As Heather tested way above average in most things and above average in the rest, she was found not eligible for an iep. As she is doing so well now, it was suggested that we wait to set up a 504 plan until a problem arises next year in the high school. I disagreed and proceeded to explain that the reason Heather was doing so well now was because of the voluntary accommodations that have been in place since Sept! We talked about her getting side tracked
on her work, being unorganized, getting lost in school, and not being able to follow written directions without an oral explanation. We also discussed her problem copying notes from the board. It was at this point that the English teacher related incidents where she had to give Heather reminders to get her on task. It was then agreed that a 504 plan would be the best thing. Then they discussed the possibility of waiting to do the plan until the fall, I again requested that we set the plan up now so it would be in place next year. They agreed that if we had ideas for a plan, they would write it up right now. I had the needs statement we had drawn up last year and requested the same accommodations plus a few more. So here it is:

There are 11 parts-

1) Preferential seating (near the teacher) so she can get verbal reminders, prompts, and cues.

2) Direct instruction and step by step verbal instruction to get her started and kept on task. Directions should be broken down step by step and each step explained.

3) Organizational strategies-agendas, check lists, monthly calendars.

4) Strategies for identifying main ideas-as she has problems differentiating the pertinent information.

5) More guidance and strategies to help with her perceptual difficulties in charting, geometry, and mapping.

6) More time to complete writing assignments due to fine motor skill deficits.

7) Notes will be made available to her through the teacher or another student.

8) Social skills group

9) Mentor and case manager will be assigned

10) No penalties for being late to class due to her disorientation

11) Set up schedule so she will be with her friend in all academic courses next year.

We were out of the meeting in 45 minutes. The middle school social worker is also the high school social worker and she will be Heather's mentor. I will be meeting with the high school guidance counselor in March to set up Heather's schedule for next year and in Sept. I will have a meeting with the teachers to explain the 504 plan. Needless to say I am very pleased.