NLD IEP Accomodations

Following is an email from NLD-In-Common, where a dad shared his IEP Accommodations and gave permission for NLDline to publish them:

Hi All,

I was kind of happy with the social instruction and modifications I got included in my child's IEP and thought some of you might get some ideas from it. Fortunately K. to this point is maintaining a social life at school including layground recess etc. so not much of the social realm had to be included:


K. will be seated near the teacher and/or away from distractions.

Provide modified class assignments.

Provide modified homework assignments.

K. will be issued an extra set of textbooks for home use.

Eliminate any unnecessary copying from the blackboard.

Provide K. with clear and concise worksheets.

Judge K. on individual performance rather than comparing her to her peers.

Provide K. with the opportunity to preview material as often as possible.

Warn her of novel situations.

Allow for extra time to prepare/organize.

Guide her verbally.

Provide K. with a blank piece of paper to cover visually-confusing written wo0rk during test taking.

Provide Verbal directions specific to the task at hand.

Pair written and verbal information as often as possible.

Break down tasks into smaller parts to ensure comprehension.

Provide K. with 2 short breaks, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Pair facial expressions with concrete verbal cues.

Provide opportunities for small group discussion.

All Staff involved with K. should be sensitized to her individual needs.

Build confidence by providing opportunities for success.

Maintain communication with parents.

Provide frequent praise and encouragement.

Provide a supportive structured environment.

Foster positive self-esteem; confidence.

Avoid using metaphors, and/or if they must be used explain them fully to K.

Encourage K. to ask for assistance when needed.


While it has taken us two years to figure the details out, the school has been much more supportive.  Of course it has taken alot of work from my wife and me to get to this point. I hope these ideas will be helpful.