NLD Presentation to SLPs 

I just finished today speaking to 18 very interested, attentive and wonderful Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs). These folks work for the public school district I am currently working for as a guest, or substitute teacher.

The first piece I read was Debbie's poem "Confidence" from her book, "Growing Up with NLD" by Deborah Green (Debbie's pseudonym in writing for public consumption). Debbie, I want you to know these SLPs truly LOVED your poem!!! They all clapped and cheered! Marvelous start to the half hour talk. . .

I then read four "NLD Moments" from the NLDline. They also understood and enjoyed these. Once warmed up, I read them an Intro on NLD from the forthcoming NLD booklet. Rourke's , Thompson's and other's diagnostic criteria  were discussed and questions about testing protocols, their results, and NLD/autism issues were also answered. Great questions from the SLPs... certainly kept me on my feet. 

Something on my mind that I had wanted to say to a group like this:

NLD is - among other things - a disorder of *confidence.* When the person with NLD lacks confidence, they withdraw, wither and suffer from low self-esteem, an improper self-concept and internalized negative self-talk.

Fear of failure and anything new dominates. It's tough to help a person with NLD in this condition. . .but they indeed can be helped. Start by building confidence and by talking about the good that you see in them.  Little by little, change can happen with this reassuring, unfailingly good attitude you convey to a person with NLD. When you arrive at a place where the person with NLD has a good outlook on their self and life, there is
more hope for constructive change in the NLDer. Then life can be explored on the NLDer's terms - even in sheer joy - because **YOU provided the needed CONFIDENCE.** 

I really appreciate teamwork and support in making this presentation - it all  helps the good word about NLD get out to more folks who can make a difference  in children's lives. It also made my job so much easier!