Helpful NLD Hints for Teachers:        

  • Let the child re-teach the lesson so you can hear him verbalize the concepts and see if the ideas are understood (do this one chunk of the concept at a time - little by little) When concept is difficult, always break it down into smaller parts and/or use a multi-sensory approach.
  • Because NLD students take in their world LITERALLY, discuss with him literally and explicitly the cause and effect of events and situations.
  • Because of their visual-spatial problems, handwritten pages and pages full of crowded written or typed words will be difficult and may shut down the NLD student.  Give these students typed pages (directions, a syllabus, assignments, work) that are visually and spatially clear.
  • These students need highly structured, word-oriented instruction. Even art works well when it is a "directed lesson" with verbal instruction.
  • Relaxation techniques may be helpful (according to two psychologists and a mom working with NLD kids)