A Compilation of IEP Suggestions for Kids with NLD:
  • Use words like ..."An in-service workshop in NLD for teachers will take place during the year as part of continuing teacher education (with credits for taking it...)         
  • Run a sentence: "Jimmy’s teachers will need to teach him in a systematic step by step approach; they need to describe in words that work which they expect of him."
  • Because he has a deficit in non-verbal cues, he may not pick up on facial expressions or tone of voice; therefore, words directed to him will be concrete and straight forward.           
  • Because he has the asset of a good rote memory, the teaching approach will be slow, repetitive, and highly redundant
  • There will be a lot of role modeling with verbal descriptions to demonstrate expected work
  • Because he has a deficit in handwriting and performing work quickly, quantity of homework will be appropriate and will primarily be used as a reinforcement for already-learned material.
  • Because he has a deficit in organizational skills, a set of duplicate books will be kept at home to eliminate "forgetting."                                                         
  • He will have a "check-off" system for homework completed, to help him know what he has accomplished and what is expected daily.         
  • Because "The development of good self esteem is always at risk - especially for the child with learning disabilities, teachers will increase verbal rewards and physical rewards for jobs completed and jobs well done, remembering that it takes many positives to undo one negative." Dr. Brad D. Berman, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

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