The IEP Notebook #1


Advocates agree that the best way to prepare for an IEP meeting for your child is to bring along an IEP Notebook.

1. Start with the notebook: Large with plastic pocket on front cover (to put your child’s picture and his name on the front side and a calendar of the school year in the pocket on the back side)

2. District and Independent assessments

3. Informal correspondence

4. Parent/family observations outside of school

5. Medical records/ mediation logs

6. Formal and informal correspondence with all schools

7. All of his/her school records/ report cards/ progress notes/discipline records

8. All IEP’s and Notes from all IEP meetings

9. Examples of her/his school work

10. Logs of contacts with school/ and a separate one to show contacts with other professionals outside school environment

11. List of involved professionals, student study team, other resources

12. 504 Plan and list of parents’ rights/ (Understand the laws before the meeting)

13. List of questions/ideas

14. List of your expectations for IEP

15. Prioritize the long-term goals (which will have the greatest impact for the child?) and short-term    objectives


The IEP Notebook #2

Divide the notebook into 11 sections:

1. Introduction

2. School information

3. Important Contacts and Telephone numbers

4. IEP meeting information

5. Current IEP

6. Past IEP’s

7. Assessments and testing information

8. Your legal rights and relevant education laws in effect

9. Information on Due Process

10. Medical and other vital records

11. Important relevant articles

12. Glossary of terms