More Adult NLD Career Ideas by Kelli Bond

(Thanks to Kelli Bond for emailing NLDline with these added career suggestions)


You bet there are additional jobs and careers that fit well with adults who have NLD and related conditions!! Other positions I can add to your list included:

-- psychiatric technician aide

-- marketing support representative (accompanying sales reps on client calls and demonstrating products to small groups; researching and correcting problems on accounts. Some persons with NLD or Asperger's with good or better writing skills have also put those skills to use in letters to customers, user manuals for computer systems)*

-- call center representative (placement at a desk that handles routine queries, those queries with clearly defined answers, or nonroutine queries where the person with NLD/related conditions is given ample time to investigate.)

-- telephone operator**

-- paralegal

-- attorney**

-- mortgage loan processor (making sure all the proper paperwork is there for a customer before submitting a loan application for approval; the loan reps and the underwriters usually take care of the actual numbers)

-- mortgage documentation specialist (drawing up the final documents in closing)

-- technical writer**

-- proofreading/copy editing**

-- researcher

-- regulatory compliance officer

-- land surveying and civil engineering**

-- social/community welfare worker**

-- adult educator**

-- systems analyst**

-- systems administrator**

* - from personal observation and from the listserv<BR>

** - from the and the listservs.

These are but a very small sampling...

Kelli Bond is president of the Cypress, California-based KBA/DesignWrite, a firm specializing in adult basic education, corporate communications, curriculum design/development for adult education programs in the workplace, employee communications, human resources, management/supervisory skills training, marketing communications, public relations, and technical communications. Having held staff, management, and external consulting positions in these fields, Kelli has worked with more than 50 organizations (including those in the Fortune 500), many on a repeat and/or long-term basis. She is the 1998 president of the American Society for Training and Development, Orange County Chapter and co-chairs that organization's Workforce Diversity and Globalization special interest group.

Since 1980, Kelli has been involved with disability issues in the workplace, conducting workshops and speaking on panels at various conferences over the years. In 1993, the City of Cypress appointed her to its technical advisory committee for the Americans with Disabilities Act. She has had adults with NLD and Asperger's Syndrome-among other disabilities-as students, employees, and co-workers. Kelli holds a B.A. in communications from California State University, Fullerton plus a certificate in human resources management from the University of California, Irvine. She also completed Goodwill Industries of Orange County's training program for job coaches.

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The following articles and comments are shared with the idea that they may help NLD Adults search for careers that may be applicable to their strengths.  In no way does NLDline recommend these careers; this is merely information we share as others share with NLDline.