Email Received by Parents After Teacher In-service - January, 2000

Dear Alison and Alan,

I just wanted to tell you that I thought today's in-service went very well.  Everyone seemed receptive and had great questions. Several teachers are interested in attending the symposium in  March. Hooray!!!!

As I was driving home tonight I just couldn't get Alex out of my mind. I  want you to know that NVLD is the most professionally exciting development  that has crossed my path since I finished my Master's. I'm overwhelmed with  the idea that we have the opportunity to really make a difference. It feels profound, almost spiritual to be involved in this "mission." THANK YOU for 
the privilege of working with Alex and with you. For all of the challenges that he may face, he is blessed to have you as his parents.


PS Kathleen (PE Teacher) used preview and review with Alex in PE today and reported that she had great success and he was able to remember and apply the rules of the game!!

Note:  Since that inservice, the team:  Teachers, Parents, Educational Consultant and OT have been working to make daily modifications as they fine tune the way they work with Alex.  A daily email correspondence keeps teacher and parent aware of the smallest details that worked or didn't work for Alex during that day.  The results have been significant:  Academic performance at home and school improved, Behavior continues to improve, Friendship and socialization greatly improved, Confidence, self-esteem also noticeably healthier.