Avoid copy work off the black board or other visual aides, which require ___ to have to adjust her focus, which is difficult for her. Have a written copy  available for her. When reading ___ needs an index card or some paper assist  her in following along. Fold worksheets in half or in quarters to reduce visual distractions

_________ understands best when told in very clear detail what is expected.  She needs to be encouraged to elaborate to fully gain the depth of her  knowledge in a subject. __________has the asset of a good rote memory. The  teaching approach should be repetitive and highly redundant. Provide a  written copy of directions as needed when assigning any class work. Provide  incentives for beginning and completing assignments on time. Provide the student with other opportunities, methods or test formats to demonstrate what is known.

___ should have a checklist system for the morning as well as one for the  afternoon to assist her in keeping organized. She needs consistent assistance in getting her materials ready in the morning as well as packing up in the afternoon. Verbal prompts are necessary for ___ to initiate her checklists. To assist ___ in having all needed supplies necessary for separate group 
work, a duplicate set of supplies will be placed in any other classroom where ____ receives instruction such as in a reading group or math group. Provide consistent coaching from all teachers to support-organizational skills, time management skills training, study skills training, test taking skills

________ has a deficit in handwriting and performing work quickly, quantity of work should be appropriate and primarily used to reinforce previously learned material. The team should work with the parents to determine this. Allow additional time to complete tasks due to her slow writing. Alert ___ before the end of a work session so that she can pace herself and work 
towards finishing the assignment. Communication with the parents is essential in keeping on top of obstacles and other difficulties that ____ may experience. The parents prefer to be made 
aware of a problem as soon as the staff notices any negative impact on her educational performance or progress.

An in-service workshop in NLD and sensory integration to take place during the  year as part of continuing education.

Match student's needs and learning style with teachers who have the appropriate attributes to provide the student with the best education and support possible and who know how to create ("engineer") opportunities for academic and social success, can increase the frequency of positive, constructive, supportive feedback, and can identify, recognize, reinforce and 
build upon the student's strengths and interests.

Make sure the student is always provided opportunities for physical activities. Do not use daily recess as a time to make-up missed schoolwork. Do not remove daily recess as punishment.

All classroom teachers in academic subjects, specialists, and aides as necessary, should be cognizant of ____'s disabilities. Accommodations for these disabilities are necessary in all areas of school including specialists. Teachers must be willing to learn about her needs and make adjustments. Any modifications developed by the teaching staff, OT's ,PT's, need to be documented. Teachers must report to the parent any time one of theses interventions and/or accommodations seems to be ineffective so the committee can re-convene and modify the plan as needed.