NLDCoaching is a collaborative venture. Coaching sessions are designed to explore interventions for individuals with Nonverbal Learning Disorder.  Determining the specific needs of each child, teen or adult, we will develop effective and dynamic strategies that will assist family members and educators. 

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NLDCoaching involves supportive interaction between the family and the coach, sharing the coach's NLD knowledge and expertise, as well as facilitating objectives to help the NLD individual actualize his/her potential.  NLDCoaching sessions consist of telephone conferences, scheduled for predetermined lengths of one half-hour, one hour, or longer, as may be desired.  The coaching sessions take place three or four times a month at pre-scheduled times.

Very different from psychotherapy, coaching is a supportive and practical process where weekly NLD situations are reviewed, specific NLD information is examined and the client's priorities are addressed. Sometimes the entire time is spent focusing on one small detail that seems to be getting in the way of success (or the family's or educator’s success); at other times, there is discussion concerning general information, specific school-related or home-related topics or social / emotional areas of import. The time is the client's, as is the focal point of the conversations - with the coach helping to clarify and reflect as she hears the client's thoughts and ideas.

What Others Are Saying:

"Thanks sooo much...we're a changed family because of you!!"

"Who would have thought that we would benefit so significantly in our home life from your wisdom on how to help us help our son…Without your help we would certainly be floundering in a sea of ignorance…"

"…We were at the end of our rope and our child was becoming more and more depressed. Judy, your coaching has guided us on a constructive road."

"Your coaching has been a fabulous resource to help me work with my student."

"I wanted to thank you for your insight into helping my NLD daughter. I know your words of wisdom have been very helpful for my family. As you know, dealing with an NLD child is extremely challenging. It is hard at times to know what to do or what to think. As a parent I want to help my daughter so much and often feel I don't have the right "words" she needs. You have
given me the right words and have eased my mind

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