Items for Consideration at ____ (part A) and ____ (part B) IEP for _________


Placement for the 1999/2000 school year in a self-contained LH classroom with an aide. Aide support for learning in all academic classes is appropriate for ____. ____ needs an aide to help him with organizing, planning ahead, making inferences, copying from the board, problem solving, taking down assignments, note-taking, checking work, etc. The parents need to be part of the final stage of the interview process during which an aide is selected.

Training for staff who will deal with ______ during the 2000/2001 school year. A 2- to 4-hour training or in-service would be appropriate for all staff who deal with ______, by someone who deals with helping NLD children to succeed.

Report from occupational therapist who has been working with ______. She/he  will discuss his deficiencies and areas of improvement.

Buddy system implemented within the first 2 weeks of school for every class in which ________ is included. The proposed buddy should have the character quality of compassion. Buddy system has broken down during the last part of current school year.

Compensations, Accommodations, and Modifications as described on attachment.

Homework club on Monday through Thursday.

Guided exploration at the Center for Accessible Technology.

Keyboarding instruction. Option for ________ to use word processor or computer for written language assignments in class. Goals should include improving keyboarding skills.

Extended school year.

Continued parent training.

Communication via Email between school/home re: ________ assignments and progress. could be the vehicle.

PART B- It is essential that _______, _________, and _________ (service providers during the 1999/2000 school year) be in attendance for this portion of ________ IEP. The IEP should be scheduled around their availability to attend.

12. Continuation of Behavioral Intervention Plan. Aide and classroom teacher to be trained by behaviorist, and monitoring and consultation to continue on a monthly basis throughout the year.

13. Continuation of behavioral health services through ______________Association.

14. Continuation of social skills classes for the next year. Aide and classroom teacher need to interact with the social skills provider on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to carry over skills to classroom.


Compensations, Accommodations, and Modifications Appropriate for ______________ for the 2000/2001 School Year

Preview of 7th grade materials. _______ could use these materials over the summer to give him a head start for the 7th grade.

Tardy accommodation.

Books on tape for textbooks or other literature to be used in class. The books on tape should be provided to _________ before the day on which the new book is started in class.

During school, ________ will need two sets of books, one for school and one for home.

Assignment modifications. When possible, assignments should be shortened so that mastery of skill may be demonstrated without an unnecessary amount of repetition. Assignments that need to be transcribed from a book should instead be photocopied (and enlarged, if necessary).

Testing modifications :

Oral exams whenever possible.

When a written exam is administered, teacher or aide checks over exam before the test is turned in, for completeness and to make sure ________ has read the questions correctly in giving his answer.

Homework club. ______ needs to complete as much homework as possible at school, Monday through Thursday.